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With identity theft and fraud on the rise, securing your account is more important than ever. CAPE FCU takes many precautions to ensure your account information is safe. We operate under strict privacy and security policies to protect your personal and financial information.

However, it is just as important for you to make sure you are protected when accessing your account. Here are some important tips on how you can protect yourself and your account information.


Use strong and complex passwords. Include 8 to 12 characters, symbols, numbers, and upper & lowercase letters.


Never share your ATM or Debit Card PIN or personal information with anyone, especially over the internet.


Ensure anti-virus software is installed on all of your devices.


Obtain a FREE copy of your credit report ( from the major credit reporting agencies and check for accuracy. Immediately report any discrepancies.

Online & Mobile Banking Safety


It’s important to be proactive when it comes to protecting your finances. Here are some ways you can make sure your accounts are protected.

  • Change your online banking password every 3 to 6 months to help lower the chances of your password being decoded or stolen by hackers.
  • Log out when finished with online or mobile banking or other apps which have access to your account information.
  • Don’t log in to online or mobile banking using public Wi-Fi. Hackers have been known to park in public places and tap into public Wi-Fi networks to gain access to personal information.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus software on all of your devices.
  • Use a two-factor authentication to secure your financial information.


  • Beware of sketchy emails offering something that sounds too good to be true or asking for personal information (i.e., account numbers, passwords, etc.). CAPE FCU will NEVER ask you for your personal information such as an account number, PIN or account login via an email or text. If you receive a message asking for this information, please notify us immediately.
  • Order only from secure (with the “https” designation) online sites, and keep records of all your transactions to verify charged amounts.
  • Be sure to close old, unused financial accounts. Old accounts are an excellent opening for hackers to access the more valuable accounts you use regularly.
  • Always know when automatic payments are scheduled and verify they are for the correct amounts.
Account Safety

If you have questions on fraud or feel you’ve been a victim of identity theft, please contact us immediately at 304-623-4794.

If your debit card has been lost or stolen, you can call the 24/7 HOTLINE at 833-337-6075.

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